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Free Research and Reference Services

Please note before requesting support that we do not:
• Interpret legislation or case law
• Provide legal advice or opinions

The DRLA Library provides a full range of research services to members of the Ontario Bar, the Judiciary, and articling students. Professional, experienced staff are available to assist you with your research and use of the library facilities, whether you are using print or electronic resources.

Services provided include:
• Locating in-depth commentary on a specific legal topic
• Case law & legislation: copies, note ups, detailed histories
• Database instruction
• Retrieve decisions, articles, precedents and commentary
• Trace legislative amendments and history
• Devise an efficient research strategy for you
• Guide you to the relevant websites, databases or texts for your research
• Help you use the extensive online and print resources available in the library
• Refer you to other libraries, government departments, associations, etc., where appropriate

Please use this form to request assistance.